Writing business requirement for software

Everyday new technologies emerging and old one updated in market with high effectiveness and efficiency for business as well as personal use. Many alternatives are available in market for every problems or needs to be solved. In-spite every technology comes with his own pros & cons. Expedite developed a framework to help streamline the vendor selection process for our customers.

Long Term/Short Term Investment

  • If you have long term vision then you must choose the stable vendor in market. The one who has long term business strategy which has the ability to work on any technology.
  • If you have short term investment for a specific duration but have vision then you have better to prefer stable vendor.
  • You must have business plan if you don’t have it prefer business consultant and do some market research to test is your vision has exposure.


  • Your business requirement list must be complete and parallel aligned with your business requirements.
    Assure and confirm your business requirement with positive and negative possibilities a more detailed requirements document for potential vendors.
  • If possible you can add technical details.
  • Goal should be to educate the vendor so they can come up with an accurate price and time quotes.
  • Don’t spent time with RFP unless its needed.