What features tester should possess?

Consider top tech giants. If you found culture, views, and processes around testing and QA can vary so greatly at top tech giants, then it may be true that there is no one right way of organizing testing efforts. All top tech giants have crafted their testing processes, choosing what fits best for them, and all are highly successful. The tester must aware of this fact.


The tester must have high energy and passion for landing best of application/product in the market. One should passionate enough to enjoy working in office hours. Understand and follow organizational strategies along with best suited tools and technologies made available by the organization. Every tools and technology organization using/following comes with his own pros and cons so don’t bother/panic.


Based on organizational structure the communication happens. In big organization there are many channels/ways. In small organization, there is less. But they are always there and it will change with organizational structure changes. Mostly tester’s have to follow available channels/ways of communication. Tester’s should know how to communicate written/verbal regarding bug/defect with development team along with the Test lead / Manager. One has to be as effective as possible when it’s comes to communication. It’s possible for tester’s fix the bug with the help of developer in short span of time with the help of proper communication.

Able to make a fail

It is not the bug which count at the end of the day it is the quality which counts when one is going to deliver the application/product. Never ever compromise with anyone. Whichever, including cons in tools and technology in the organization and find the solution as a fix. Always think that “It’s customer that what matter at the end” Never compromise with developer’s fix in one go!!!

Analytical & Technical skills

As challenges progresses and technology upgrades, a tester is now compared with the developer. The tester should have sound technical skill apart from testing skill. Like developing automation script for testing in different tools and languages. Now a day, it is utmost important for a tester to know the automation testing. Above all, to write the regression code in order to save time in regression testing.

Domain skills

The tester should have “sound” domain skills, he/she is sound enough to communicate with different stakeholder for domain knowledge. Also, when it comes development, should be able to convey the clear and concise message to the development team to develop the application. Sound domain knowledge will provide extra skill set in tester’s expertise.

Having different skill set

A Tester Should have a different skill set when it comes to picture. Different skills set from Tester, Developers and some time client’s as well. Above two skills set shared. When it comes to “Client’s skill sets”, tester should know how handle the last moment test, the tester should now the “priority” call above important one and help them with the help of developer when a bug gets escalated.

Hunger for knowledge

As things is changing, changing in a very agile way, constantly updating/having a hunger for knowledge will help any individual/team to achieve the goal both self as well as a team goal. Knowledge will be: Domain, Technical, Development and so on. Try to update as much as possible.