Achieve Operational Success With Robust Software Solutions

Our solutions for the Textile Industry are driven by key technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, RFID, and customer experience management and thus we help industries with improved operational efficiencies and world-class solutions.

The value of the global textile mills market totaled $667.5 billion in 2015 (around 83.1% were fabrics and 16.9% were yarns), up 1.5% from a year earlier. The global textile mills market is forecast to reach $842.6 billion in value in 2020, an increase of 26.2% since 2015. This unprecedented growth of the Textile Industry relies heavily on its information systems and technologies. With the increased competition, companies are taking the support of IT to enhance their Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Maintenance Management using it as a competitive edge. We provide our clients deliver robust software solutions to achieve operational success.