Support & Maintenance

Structure and Scale outsourced operations, reduce risk, and increase value

Optimization and Extension

Optimization can mean different things to different people. But for us, it is a commitment to continuous improvement – right from product design to processes, to asset utilization. Optimization is necessary at any stage of your product life cycle. Expedite Informatics masters the technique of evaluating where and how to improve product designs, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies to keep the product delivering business value.

End-of-Life Engineering

Expedite Informatics has a team of extraordinary minds who can work with you to maintain your existing products and support them during the end of the project cycle. We will help you in boosting the value of your product by supporting bug fixes, maintaining the code base, providing custom enhancements, and re-engineering reducing the critical time of the development team from product sustenance to product innovation

L1-L4 Product Support

Our product support services have various levels including L1 through L4 support, infrastructure setup, remote installations, performance management, performance tuning, change, and configuration management. Additionally, we provide technical service desk support for your products.

Sustenance Engineering

For product companies with heavy reliance on post-deployment support, Expedite Informatics builds multiple technical support teams. Our support experts are well trained for your different product lines before they are deployed while maintaining backup resources to handle both excess call volume and act as a cushion in case of unplanned attrition.

With a decade of experience in software application maintenance, we employ state-of-the-art tools that will allow you to cut through the heavy competition. We channelize our resources to provide fool-proof, real-time and long-term software maintenance and support services, to take that burden off your busy shoulders.

Timely Services

Adaptive Maintenance And Support

The experts at Expedite Informatics will look into your existing software and carry out any necessary modifications required in the operating functions of the software. Our adaptive services include,

Alterations in the data format
Support utility modification
Reconfiguring hardware
Changes in localizations
Regulations and integration of new and improved operating systems

Any software application is in constant need of rectifications. Our software maintenance team provides any and all corrective services to your software and fix the errors with little to no time lapse.

Logical errors
Coding errors
Design errors
Eradication of bugs and setting it right

Corrective Maintenance And Support

Perfective Maintenance And Support

A software application undergoes rigorous modifications before it is ready to be launched. We help you in refining the software you develop and bring it up to your expectations.

Software Enhancements

Our team is capable at effectively analyzing your software’s future needs and problems by deep analysis. Our preventive software maintenance services aim at planning and incorporating solutions to meet future requirements and overcome problems that may ascend in the long-run.

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Preventive Maintenance And Support