Product Engineering

Have an idea. We’ll build it for you.

Your product idea might be critical to your digital transformation strategy. Our approach enables right information, people and processes come together to drive benefits for our clients – whether in terms of improved revenue, reduced time to market, improvement in operations, impact on bottom-line – through well managed product development.

Delivering Powerful Product Solutions

Expedite Informatics Product Engineering services enable organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators by delivering innovative and powerful product solutions.

Our capabilities in PES run deep & wide
Services across the value chain
Expertise in Analytics, IoT, Agile, Cloud
Solution Approach
Experience of 8+ years
Resource onboarding, Resource capability augmentation
In-house tools, templates & accelerators

To keep with the Digital momentum, companies are investing in renewing the old, involving modernization of the product development process and in building the new, involving new connected products and services.

Ideation and Conceptualization
UX Design
Core Development

New Product Introduction

Product Development

Helping You Commercialize Your Idea

Five phases guide the product development process – idea generation, screening, concept development, product development and, finally commercialization.

Build and Release
Data Migration
Release A Spotless Product

Product performance is crucial to long-term survival of your innovation. We ensure you roll out a fully tested product for its functionality, for security and for performance and more.

Unit Testing
Functional Testing
Non Functional Testing

Product Testing

Product Support

Keeping The Product Up And Running

We may have built your product, or you did yourself – we ensure that the product is supported through an effective helpdesk, and timely technical support.

Technical Support
Keep Your Product Relevant

To ensure a long shelf life for your products, continued development of market released products is a significant need of technology companies –
ensuring enhanced performance and market relevance.

Product Reengineering
Change Management

Product Sustenance

Product Management

Manage The Product Lifecycle Effectively

Planning, forecasting, and production, or marketing of your product at all stages of the product lifecycle needs effective product management, integrating people, data, processes and business systems.

Customer Relationship Management
Product Roadmap Development
Product User Group Management