End To End Testing Of Robotic Process Automation(RPA) Implementation

Now, Quality Assurance(QA) is receiving more attention starting from demand for new releases, product offerings, and service excellence. To accelerate time-to-market and ensure top-quality output, enterprises need more than just agile delivery; they need automation that minimizes errors and optimizes processes.

End To end testing of Robotic Process Automation(RPA) implementation helps enterprises to benefit from shorter turnaround time, higher efficiency, and better accuracy.

  • Reuse of automation script
  • Same script to create test data
  • Same script for execution
  • Same script for validation
  • Identify repetitive tasks can be optimized by implementing RPA
  • Identify mannual or automated test requirements
  • Instead of whole application can selects the parts those generated by RPA bot
  • Enable end-to-end automation scripting by using various opensource frameworks and tools.
  • Generate single script for test data, execution, and validation
  • Reuse script in System Integration Testing(SIT) and User Acceptance Testing(UAT)
Test Data Creation
  • Script Generated By QA team
  • Test data generated by the TDM team
  • Script executed by QA Team
  • The script retrieves the latest data or can be generated

Bot Execution

  • Bot executed manually or automatically
  • Process initiated
  • Script validate actions
  • Script validates output of actions
  • Script generate report of validation for review

Disruptive technologies forcing enterprises to re-evaluate their testing and quality assurance strategy. Along with open source technologies, RPA and QA need to play vital roles through the bot development process. Governed automation testing strategy from test data creation to triggering the bot and finally validation of business process will improve the quality of bot.