Our Motto…Your Goal

Expedite Informatics helping people to solve their problems by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services since 2012. Our tech expertise delivers business object with the help of business intelligence. How we achieve this?

We are committed to providing the best in IT service and support. To ensure we meet this goal, our employees are trained in the concepts and practices of the Information Technology. Carefully developed processes determine how we deliver and support our services. We also measure our performance, listen to our customers, and adjust as necessary to continually improve what we do. Our agency has evolved from an organization centered solely on technology to one that also focuses on processes and people. Through our Operational Excellence Program (OEP), we strive every day to develop Expedite Informatics into the center of excellence for IT services.

We leads by example and operates in compliance with IT standards, including business continuity planning.

As a IT Provider, we know to gain how your business works. We also understand the importance of making the most of scarce resources. That’s why we offer a number of services to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings through economies of scale. Browse through our Service Catalog or contact our Service Desk to discover how we can help you save on services.

We have a diverse team of workers as well as many with some of substantial experience. This gives us a unique cross-section of talent with a perspective on business needs.

Today, information technology is a utility, much like electricity. It’s expected to be always “on”—and any business can’t operate without it. That’s why we offer support through our Service Desk. We also establish Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tailored for each service so our Service Delivery and Service Support teams can respond appropriately when needed.